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CSI Season 14 Episode 19:
The Fallen

Wednesday, April 2nd at 10:00 PM EDT
SYNOPSIS: D.B. Russell is taken hostage when an armed teenager opens fire in a police station.

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CSI Season 14 Episode 18:
SYNOPSIS: The CSIs are called in to investigate when an entire family has been missing for a month.
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Catch Me Up!
  • D.B. Russell joins as the new Grave Shift Supervisor.
  • Morgan Brody, Ecklie's daughter joins the team.
  • Catherine Willows leaves the team to join the FBI.
  • Julie Finlay joins the team as a blood spatter expert, and Assistant Grave Shift Supervisor.
  • Conrad Ecklie is promoted to Sheriff of Clark County.
  • Grissom breaks up with Sara, ending the GSR relationship.
  • Ellie Brass murders her mother, and attempts to murder Captain Brass.
  • Greg Sanders is accused of framing a suspect seven years ago.
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