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This page is for the facts about Season One of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. These include things we find out during the actual episodes.
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Season One Facts - CSI
1x01 | Pilot

  • Jim Brass wanted to get out of the crime scene in time for the first rack at the Krispy Kreme, a donut shop.
  • In the opening credits, you can see a clip of Sara's back combing through a crime scene, even though she doesn't appear (and is put in the opening credits) in the second episode
  • Warrick Brown placed a bet for a judge named Cohen in trade for a blank warrant, because Brass didn't want to get one. When Brass found out he took Warrick off the case and ordered him to shadow Holly Gribbs.
  • Warrick Brown left Holly Gribbs alone at a crime scene to place the bet for the judge (But he placed the bet on the wrong team.). When the suspect returned to the crime scene, Holly Gribbs was shot. For this, Warrick was put on administrative leave.
  • Warrick Brown owns a silver jeep with the license plate number 574-GZI.
  • Warrick Brown's call number is P-4442.
  • Catherine Willows' call number is P-3901.
  • Gil Grissom is an entomologist.
  • Gil Grissom once took a lab tech called Charlotte on a date to "Dark Side of the Moon" synced to the "Wizard of Oz". Charlotte would rather have Grissom pin her against the wall and 'lay one on her like he meant it'.
  • Gil Grissom likes the rock group Pink Floyd.
  • When Grissom solved his first robbery, the owner of the store was so happy that he gave Grissom a dozen farm fresh eggs from out of his cooler.
  • Gil Grissom has seen the "The Exorcist". He cited the following part of the movie: "The old priest and Father Karras were about to exorcise the demon. Father Karras explains that he's recorded the little girl and had broken down the spirit into three distinct personalities. But the old priest was quickly corrects him, 'There is only one.'"
  • Gil Grissom first meets Paul Millander. Millander's fingerprint was on the tape recorder that contained Royce Harmon's "suicide note". Millander told Grissom he used his own hand for a rubber arm of which he sold 10.000 units for Halloween, so Grissom believed Millander was innocent.
  • Greg Sanders owns a Dreamcast. He got the NFL-game the day it came out. Greg's team is the Falcons.
  • Nick Stokes first meets Kristy Hopkins a hooker who used Scopoline (a medicine for motion sickness) on her nipples to make her clients pass out and rob them. Nick cracked the case when she passed out herself when she absorbed the Scopoline through her skin.
  • Nick Stokes owns a Dreamcast. He chose Randy Moss in the game NFL-2K.
  • Nick Stokes solves his 100th case and becomes a CSI level 3. A CSI level 3 gets a raise of $8,000 per year and an extra week of vacation.
  • Catherine Willows has a daughter called Lindsey, she's about 5 years old.
  • Catherine Willows has a sister, who sometimes takes care of Lindsey.
  • Catherine Willows has a nephew called Jeremy.
  • Gil Grissom eats chocolate-covered grasshoppers.
  • This episode shows that Jeep Liberties are the standard issue vehicles at the moment.
  • Series creator Anthony E. Zuiker appeared as "Chip, the ticket writer" in a sports scene.

1x02 | Cool Change

  • Because of Holly's death, Brass is placed back at homicide. He was also a homicide detective in 1979. For Brass it feels like going back in a time capsule.
  • Warrick Brown can count cards in his head.
  • Next to playing blackjack, Warrick also bets sports from time to time.
  • Warrick Brown wears an earring in his right ear.
  • Even though Warrick pays Judge Cohen the money he owes him, the judge still tells him he 'owns him'. ("We are gonna do business together, whether you like it or not.")
  • Gil Grissom shops on eBay and won a pager nest.
  • Gil Grissom brings Sara in to investigate Warrick, because he trusts her and doesn't want Internal Affairs involved.
  • Gil Grissom knows all hotels use Myer's Roof Dust because it diverts the sun's rays. When Nick asks him why he knows 'crap' like this, Grissom answers it's their job to know things like this.
  • Gil Grissom is the head of the Graveyard Shift.
  • Sara Sidle quit smoking and now uses Nicorette.
  • Sara Sidle referred to the sitcom "Three's Company" by asking Grissom: "Wouldn't you if you were married to Mrs. Roper?", when Grissom drops a simulation dummy named Norman (also a character from this sitcom).
  • Sara Sidle worked in San Francisco before Grissom asked her to come to Las Vegas.
  • Nick Stokes watches "Nick at Nite" (Nickelodeon) and therefore knew the comedian Red Skelton.
  • Catherine Willows quit smoking and now uses Nicorette.
  • The newscaster, Paula Francis, is an actual newscaster for the CBS affiliated station in Las Vegas.

1x03 | Crate 'n Burial

  • Warrick Brown has an aunt named Bertha, who is legally blind.
  • Warrick Brown likes rap music. He recognized the music of the rapper 'Mos Def' that was playing in Charles Moore's car.
  • Warrick Brown first meets James Moore, a teenager who has to go to prison because he accidentally killed a girl by hitting with his car and fled the scene.
  • Gil Grissom doesn't wear cologne, because it interferes with the job.
  • Gil Grissom once found a skeleton in an abandoned gold mine. When he learned the guy passed out drunk and cyanide leached into his system, Grissom learned that miners drop cyanide powder into the dirt to draw the gold to the surface.
  • Gil Grissom almost blew up the house with 'Chemlab 500' when he was six years old.
  • Catherine Willows' daughter Lindsey wants one of those scooters that are so popular with kids, but Catherine thinks they are dangerous.
  • Gil Grissom reveals that he met Sara at a seminar, and that she was his star pupil.

1x04 | Pledging Mr. Johnson

  • Judge Cohen wanted Warrick to tamper with evidence in a rape case. Warrick confides in Grissom and the judge is caught.
  • Gil Grissom keeps an African Red Baboon tarantula. They are the most feared of all arachnids, but are basically harmless.
  • Gil Grissom eats Calamari at a restaurant called The Grille. He sometimes has a beer with it.
  • Gil Grissom lives in a townhouse.
  • Gil Grissom solves advanced level crossword puzzles.
  • Gil Grissom can eat with chopsticks.
  • Greg Sanders said he was listening to an audio book on restriction enzyme analysis in DNA typing, PCR Fingerprinting, but Warrick thought he was listening to Radiohead or Rage Against the Machine.
  • 11 years ago, Nick was a member of a fraternity.
  • Nick Stokes likes to eat microwave Burritos.
  • Eddie Willows cheated on Catherine during their marriage and Grissom apparently knew about this, but didn't tell her.
  • Because Eddie cheated on her, Catherine compromised the case by telling Winston Barger that his wife was having an affair. This leads Winston Barger to kill Phil Swelco, the man Wendy Barger was having the affair with.

1x05 | Friends & Lovers

  • Warrick Brown has seen the movie 'Pulp Fiction' since he recognized Greg's quote from it.
  • Warrick Brown says he hasn't made a bet in a month.
  • Warrick Brown knows about popular music, since he recognizes the stamp of a DJ.
  • A couple of summers ago, Grissom went to a seminar in New Hampshire.
  • Gil Grissom copes with heavy emotions by riding roller-coasters. The roller-coaster he rode at the end of the episode was the "New York New York" roller-coaster at the New York New York resort and Casino in Las Vegas.
  • David Phillips has a crush on Sara.
  • Greg Sanders has seen the movie 'Pulp Fiction' since he quoted from it: "My name's Paul and this is between y'all."
  • Sara Sidle wants to be cremated.

1x06 | Who Are You?

  • Catherine Willows used to be a stripper. She worked in "Paradise Garden", ran by Ted Beaton. She also worked in a strip club called "French Palace".
  • Catherine Willows likes to eat Turkey Club Sandwiches without bacon.
  • Catherine Willows' daughter Lindsey loves to go to the park.
  • Catherine Willows is still attracted to her ex-husband Eddie.
  • This is the first time we see Grissom draw his gun.
  • George Eads drew inspiration from a real life experience in the scene with K.K Dodds (suspect Amy Hendler in the show) when she pointed the gun at him. When George was working at a North Dallas burger stall, a man held him and a friend at gunpoint.

1x07 | Blood Drops

  • Sara Sidle doesn't sleep much.
  • Sara Sidle listens to the police scanner.
  • Sara Sidle isn't good with kids.
  • Child murder can make Nick very angry.
  • Eddie Willows sends Family Services after Catherine accusing her of parental neglect because she did pick up Lindsey from ballet class.
  • Eddie Willows serves pancakes for dinner.
  • Lindsey Willows is in a ballet class.
  • Dakota Fanning only speaks two words in the whole episode. "The Buffalo".

1x08 | Anonymous

  • Warrick Brown likes to play video games.
  • Gil Grissom makes his own fingerprint powder. It's called 'Red Creeper'.
  • Gil Grissom knows a jazz producer named 'Disco Placid'.
  • Gil Grissom gets very angry when he learns that Paul Millander set him up.
  • Gil Grissom would love to be more autonomous - left alone to do his thing.
  • Gil Grissom fiddles with a Rubik's Cube when he is stuck on a problem.

1x09 | Unfriendly Skies

  • Jim Brass is good with young children. He even offers Emily his badge.
  • Warrick Brown says he could take a life, if it were between somebody else and himself.
  • Gil Grissom mentioned the 1999 movie "Run, Lola Run".
  • Gil Grissom claims to read a magazine called Applied Psycho-dynamics in Forensic Science.
  • Sara Sidle thinks she could never take a life.
  • Sara Sidle is a member of the mile-high club. In March '93 she had sex with a guy called Ken Fuller in an airplane bathroom.
  • Catherine Willows would fight to the death if it involved the protection of her child.

1x10 | Sex, Lies and Larvae

  • Warrick Brown got a call from Child Services, asking about Catherine and Lindsey. He told them Catherine was a great mother and that Eddie was pretty messed-up.
  • Gil Grissom asks Sara to investigate Warrick, because Ecklie informed Grissom that Warrick skipped a court date to gamble at the Monaco. Sara confirms that Warrick was actually at the Monaco.
  • Gil Grissom knows all of the Beatles by name.
  • Gil Grissom is one of about fifteen forensic entomologists in the country.
  • Gil Grissom is familiar with the history of forensic science.
  • Sara Sidle doesn't like bees.
  • Sara Sidle liked to eat beef jerky.
  • Spousal abuse makes Sara furious. She even loses sleep over it.
  • Sara Sidle is familiar with the history of forensic science.
  • Nick Stokes had dinner with detective Joyce Secula, but he never called her afterwards.
  • Catherine Willows drinks her coffee with cream and artificial sweetener.
  • Sara Sidle becomes a vegetarian after spending a night watching a pig decompose with Grissom. In real-life Jorja Fox is a vegetarian and a supporter of PETA.

1x11 | I-15 Murders

  • When Grissom confronts Warrick, Warrick tells Grissom he was at the casino, but wasn't gambling. Later he tells Sara he was at the casino to collect a debt he used to bail out a young boy that got into trouble.
  • According to the DVD'S this was supposed to be the 3rd episode to air.
  • Warrick Brown has a big brother-like relationship with a boy named Jason, who he called by the nickname "Jaws".
  • Warrick Brown passed up the chance to play semi-pro baseball. He went to college instead.
  • Gil Grissom referred to the Chinese card/tile game Pai Gao. It is unknown whether he actually plays the game.
  • Gil Grissom knows Superman. He referred to the victim's hear as the planet Krypton.
  • Gil Grissom owns a 'Big Mouth Billy Bass'. (A singing fish).
  • Gil Grissom keeps a two-headed scorpion and an embalmed pig in his office. Nick refers to the pig as "Miss Piggy".
  • Gil Grissom preaches the Holy Trinity: Victim, suspect and crime scene.
  • Regarding Kristy Hopkins, Grissom asks Nick whether he 'is doing anything to compromise the unit'. Nick answers that he isn't sleeping with her.
  • Coroner Jenna Williams knows Superman. She said the ice crystals in the victim's heart looked more like Kryptonite and called Grissom 'Superman'.

1x12 | Fahrenheit 932

  • Warrick Brown worked as a runner, in college. He had Route Five. Worked Boulder, Sunset, Vacation, and The Bay.
  • Conrad Ecklie was not thorough enough on the arson case, among other things neglecting to search through the overhaul.
  • Gil Grissom's address at the crime lab is 2974 Westfall, Las Vegas NV 89109.
  • Gil Grissom neglected to attend a meeting in which the department heads were voting on an extra vacation day.
  • When angry, Grissom can be pushed to violence. He knocked a coffee pot from Ecklie's hands.
  • Sara Sidle knows the TV series "Lost in Space". She quoted the Robot: "Danger, Will Robinson."
  • Nick Stokes made a bet with one of the suspects and lost $100 that way.

1x13 | Boom

  • Jim Brass carries a cigarette lighter, but it is not known whether he actually smokes.
  • Kristy Hopkins is murdered by Jack Willman.
  • Nick Stokes attended Texas A&M university. One of his old college buddies is called Eric.
  • Nick Stokes gets himself in trouble when he sleeps with Kristy Hopkins and she is found murdered the next day. Fortunately he isn't arrested, which would mean the end of his career as a CSI.
  • Nick Stokes owns a black Chevrolet SUV, license plate number 475 GZI.
  • Nick Stokes pays for Kristy Hopkins' funeral.
  • Catherine Willows investigates Kristy Hopkins' murder, to help Nick out.
  • This is the second time that Paul Guilfoyle (Brass) and Stephen Lee (Dominic Kretzker) have worked together, they were both in the 1998 film "The Negotiator"

1x14 | To Halve and to Hold

  • Gil Grissom can find the difference between a piece of bone and a piece of rock by tasting it.
  • Gil Grissom isn't pleased when Catherine calls in Teri Miller. When Catherine suggests the two had a relationship, Grissom claims he hardly knows the woman.
  • Gil Grissom called Teri Miller, but she didn't return his phone call.
  • Gil Grissom asks Teri Miller to have dinner with him. When he's called away during dinner, he turns around to see that she has left.
  • Gil quotes the game show Jeopardy.
  • Gil Grissom quotes Lewis Carroll's "Alice through the Looking Glass".
  • Albert Robbins uses a cane to walk.

1x15 | Table Stakes

  • Sheriff Mobley says he thanks his election to Portia Richmond.
  • Albert Robbins has a coffee machine in the morgue.
  • Greg Sanders likes Merlot and rack of lamb.
  • Sara Sidle had Chilean Sea Bass for lunch.
  • Nick Stokes had a Caesar Salad and a coffee for lunch. He had a tiramisu for dessert.
  • When Catherine and Eddie were first married, Eddie always gave Catherine a lace teddy on the anniversary of the day they first met.
  • Catherine Willows has been in Vegas for 20 years.
  • Catherine Willows had never been to the Liberace Museum.

1x16 | Too Tough to Die

  • Sara Sidle has a habit of singing, without even realizing she's doing it. Nick says she has a good singing voice.
  • Sara Sidle likes Blondie. She was singing the song "One Way or Another" in the lab.
  • Sara Sidle drinks her coffee with sugar.
  • Sara Sidle doesn't have outside interests. Her off time is spent reading forensics books and listening to the scanner.
  • Sara Sidle empathizes with a rape victim who's in a coma after being shot.
  • Catherine Willows still hasn't officially divorced Eddie.
  • Eddie Willows took a second mortgage on Catherine's house.
  • Eddie Willows apparently paid to close up Catherine's nose.
  • Sara Sidle mentions the name of the episode "too tough to die" during the episode.

1x17 | Face Lift

  • Warrick Brown knows how to play chess.
  • Gil Grissom agrees to the fact he is not good with people.
  • Gil Grissom is familiar with 'Spiderman', since he mentions Peter Parker.
  • Teri Miller won't have dinner with Gil Grissom again, after he screwed up their last date.
  • David Phillips has a crush on Sara Sidle.
  • Greg Sanders gets behind on his lab work because of talking to his girlfriend on the phone.
  • Sara Sidle is open to all theories, even spontaneous human combustion.
  • Sara Sidle stopped eating meat since Gil Grissom used one to estimate postmortem insect growth.
  • Sara Sidle knows how to play chess.

1x18 | $35K O.B.O.

  • Jim Brass still doesn't like touching dead bodies.
  • Warrick Brown says the Drying Room freaks him out.
  • Gil Grissom hasn't felt the element of surprise for a while, until a dead body lands in his arms at a crime scene.
  • Greg Sanders tests his girlfriend's DNA.
  • Sara Sidle finds the Drying Room peaceful.
  • Catherine Willows meets Paul Newsome.

1x19 | Gentle, Gentle

  • Nick Stokes likes to drink iced tea.
  • Paula Francis, the recurring news reader, is actually an anchor for CBS local evening news.

    1x20 | Sounds of Silence

    • Gil Grissom's mother was deaf. She taught him sign language. Jane Gilbert says he's a little rusty though.
    • The license plate number on Sara Sidle's black Chevy SUV is 019 ATO.
    • Catherine Willows doesn't want to stay forever in her current position. She knows she can do Ecklie's job, or perhaps even Grissom's.
    • Catherine Willows wants to go to the American Academy (of Forensic Sciences) meeting in Chicago.
    • We find out that Warrick is left-handed.

    1x21 | Justice is Served

    • Jim Brass has a teenage daughter.
    • Gil Grissom is paid to speak at seminars.
    • Gil Grissom can quote Buddha.
    • According to Dr. Susan Hillridge Gil Grissom is deficient in folic acid.
    • Nick Stokes and Warrick Brown once met a woman named Julie on a seminar. Warrick commented a CSI should not be that fine.
    • After a rough case, Catherine Willows visits Paul Newsome. They kiss.

    1x22 | Evaluation Day

    • Warrick Brown's pager number is 555-0127.
    • Warrick Brown helps out James Moore when he is in trouble in prison.
    • Warrick Brown says nothing surprises him anymore.
    • Gil Grissom says he feels like sharing every nine years and 34 days.
    • Gil Grissom takes Warrick Brown for a roller coaster ride.
    • Gil Grissom refers to the TV series 'The Honeymooners' by saying to Catherine: "You're a riot, Alice."
    • Gil Grissom quotes 'Sleepy Hollow'.
    • Gil Grissom owns a pet tarantula, maggot farms and has a komodo dragon on back order.
    • Albert Robbins listens to the music of Gary Telgenhoff, the daytime coroner.
    • Sara Sidle investigates the murder of a gorilla. She eventually spreads the animal's ashes in the desert.
    • Nick Stokes has been a CSI Level 3 for 9 months.
    • Nick Stokes wants to work solo on a case, but Gil Grissom doesn't think he's ready yet.
    • Catherine Willows filed to divorce Eddie Willows.

    1x23 | The Strip Strangler

    • Sara shows signs of Asperger's syndrome "We have ascertained that the perpetrator utilises items from the victim's domicile". Asperger's is a mild form of autism, off which that kind of stilted speech is characteristic. Grissom is also known to show signs of Asperger's.
    • Gil Grissom doesn't like the fact that Brian Mobley involved the FBI in his case.
    • Sara Sidle volunteers to act as bait for the Strip Strangler.
    • Brass still regrets sending Holly Gribbs out in the field while she wasn't ready.
    • Brian Mobley removes Gil Grissom from the case.
    • The entire teams supports Gil Grissom when he is removed from the case.
    • Brian Mobley offers Catherine Willows the supervisor position when Grissom is put on forced leave, but she refuses.
    • Gil Grissom had several butterfly collections at home.
    • Gil Grissom occasionally suffers from migraines. He takes a prescription medicine for it.
    • Gil Grissom says he's not used to having people in his house.
    • Sara frequently uses introductory offers of gyms to get a free workout.
    • Gil Grissom is attacked by Syd Goggle but Catherine Willows saves his life.
    • The CSIs have breakfast together. Gil Grissom ordered whole wheat and fruit. Nick Stokes had fried beans.
    • Catherine says her motto is "Never doubt and never look back."

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